Encounters on the Edge


Encounters is a series of quarterly publications from Church Army's research unit.

From 1999 to 2012, we researched the widening range of fresh expressions of church born out of creative church planting processes. The Encounters booklets aimed to spot emerging trends, identify good practice and offer strategic thinking for pioneers. Nearly all our research was based on visiting and working with Christian communities around the country, which enabled us to both question previous assumptions about church and mission and suggests ways forward.

In 2011we reached issue number 50, which is a good place to start if you are new to us to get a feel of the series so far.

Exploring Encounters

To help you to find the issues that interest you, we have archived our catalogue which is available through this site via theme, context and year published.

Final Edition no.56: Sweaty Church - Released January 2013

Inspired initially by Messy Church, this fresh expression of Church uses participation through activities, games and sport, rather than craft, as the means of families learning together. Its evocative name is earthy, entertaining, intriguing and honest. Just as important, Sweaty Church's 'learning by doing' approach reminds us how rare it is that the wider church caters for kinaesthetic learners, but how legitimate that is.